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Saturday, January 06, 2007

IKOHI fights for the ratification of ICC by Indonesia

With the support of Swiss Embassy in Jakarta, IKOHI and ELSAM carried out series of activities on the International Criminal Courts (ICC). We are making efforts for the ratification of the Rome Statute on ICC by the Indonesian Government as soon as possible. The activities are part of the programs conducted during the year of 2006, in which mostly are promotion and socialization of the ICC to the victims of human rights violation in 7 areas in Indonesia.

Here are the activities:

The Discussion took place at Hotel Sofyan Tebet, Jakarta on 27 December 2006. The theme was “Ratification of ICC; an Effort to Fight against Impunity and Achieve the Rights of the Victims”. The theme was chosen because the ratification of ICC will open up a new space to fight against politics of impunity and at the same time it is also an effort to achieve the rights of the victims that during this time have not been fulfilled yet by the government.

Organizing Committee
The Discussion was organized by IKOHI, in cooperation with ELSAM, Swiss Embassy and IKOHI Jabodetabek branch.

The discussion was attended by at least 80 participants, consisting of victims and relatives of victims of human rights violations domiciled in Jakarta. Victim’s communities involved in this Discussion were: Victims of May 1998 Riot, Victims of 1984 Tanjung Priok Massacre, Victims of 1965 Massacre, and Victims of 1997/1998 Enforced Disappearances. Besides the victims communities, the Discussion was also attended by pro-democration activists, NGO activists and legal practitioners.

Each participant received some campaign materials such as ICC hand book, t-shirt, poster, and sticker produced by IKOHI.

Resource Persons
The speakers in the Discussion were 3 capable persons to talk about ICC and the importance of ratifying ICC by the Indonesian government. The Discussion was facilitated by the Chairperson of IKOHI, who is also the chairperson of AFAD (Asian Federation Against Disappearances). Those people were:
§ Harkristuti Harkrisnowo; Directorate General - Department of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia
§ Rudi Rizky; Law Academic, Former Judiciary for Tanjung Priok Case.
§ Agung Yudhawiranata; activist of ELSAM
§ Mugiyanto; Chairperson of IKOHI and AFAD, survivor of 1997/1998 Activists Enforced Disappearances

The Discussion started from the essence of ICC and the importance of ratifying ICC immediately. The first turn to give presentation was taken by Agung Yudhawiranata, explaining about the history of ICC, the international agreement on ICC, the structure and mechanism of ICC, and the eligible cases to be handled by the ICC.

The second turn was taken by Harkristuti Harkrisnowo, describing about the importance of ratifying ICC by Indonesian government, the principle of non-retroactive of ICC, types of crime eligible for ICC, report mechanism to the ICC, the position of ICC in our national legal system, and perpetrators in ICC.

The last speaker was Rudi Rizky, talking about the possible cases to be brought to the ICC, how ICC could be the answer to resolve the human rights violations occur after July 2002.

The audience paid much attention on the principle of non-retroactive in ICC, in which all of them were the victims of cases happened before July 2002. They also discussed on the importance of ratifying ICC to prevent the recurrence of the similar human rights violations to be happened in the future. Besides that, there was also discussion on state’s capacity, that in case of the state has no willing or has no ability to resolve the case, then it could be sent to the ICC.

As a campaigning program, besides providing discussion to improve people’s understanding about ICC, it also needs to socialize the ICC to a broader audience, to the general public. Therefore, after the Discussion was over, the activity was followed by a sympathetic action. The Action was done in Bunderan HI, by distributing campaign materials to the people surround the location. The location was chosen because it is a strategic spot in Jakarta, where high number of people passing by. Bunderan HI is considered as an effective spot to get people’s attention. All participants of the Discussion involved in the Action.

The Action was conducted by giving speeches or orations around the location about ICC and human rights violations. The mass of Action wore ICC t-shirt and they distributed the campaign materials like ICC posters, stickers, and flowers with ribbon containing text of “Solidarity Against Impunity”. The Action was presented in a simple way but still got positive responses from the people surround. Some of the people spent sometime to read the posters and some of them even asked for the posters and stickers.

The Action was also covered by main press or media like KOMPAS, Metro TV, Detik.com, etc.



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